J. Thomas Fox & Associates

J. Thomas Fox & Associates has long been the trusted provider of military records to clientele across the country.  The National Personnel Record Center (NPRC), which houses the majority of veterans' records, is located in St. Louis, MO.  Being local, we have the advantage of submitting record requests in person, which enables us to immediately verify if the center has the record in question.  Many times it is just as valuable to a client to verify service as it is to obtain the full record.  Also, submitting the requests in person allows us to obtain the records in a more timely manner, often reducing time from months to weeks.  Not all records, particularly newer ones, are located at the NPRC and over the years we have established contacts with the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps to obtain records directly from their offices when necessary.

Verifying military record service and obtaining personnel records is a valuable tool in background investigations, pre-employment screenings, and litigation proceedings.  Not only are we able to verify service, but the records we obtain provide information such as:  dates of service, rank achieved, duty assignments and geographical locations, military education, decorations and awards earned in service, and some disciplinary actions taken.  All of this information can be obtained through a FOIA request when necessary.

For some investigations, such as background checks for employment, companies often have a signed release from the subject, authorizing the company or a third party to collect information regarding their past activities.  In these cases, we can use the release to obtain the veteran's DD-214, which is the separation from service document that contains the vital information needed to verify service.  Utilzing our sources within the NPRC, we can obtain these records within one week.

Investigations & Military Record Service since 1988